BladeRanger Careers

Bladeranger is looking for thinkers and makers; those who have a passion for using robots to improve human lives, and enable a sustainable environment. We build robots that eliminate risks to human workers, reduce costs of solar energy production, and impact multiple markets.

We like people who go beyond their job description; who color both in and also outside the lines---when it's prettier that way. We like to see skills and talent, as evidenced by education and personal experience. We like achievements that go beyond grades, and linkedin recommendations.

We follow the no asshole rule: Jerks need not apply.

can build anything with lego, arduino, and scotch tape.
  • BSC/MSC in Mechanical/Electrical/Software Engineering.
  • Experience in integrating mechanics, electronics, and software; 3D-printing, hardware-modding, tweaking, software hacking.
  • Must realize that it has to work more than once.
  • Experience in building robots and drones, ROS and Linux.
Robotics software engineer
Writes code that moves.
  • BSc/MSc in software engineering/computer science/electrical engineering with and experience in robotics.
  • Experience in developing for ROS and Linux.
  • C/C++.
  • Experience working in a development team.
  • Must understand batteries run out, and stuff happens to software.
  • Experience and knowledge of autonomous robots or intelligent robotics.
  • Experience writing specifications and QA tests.
  • Experience with motion control, control systems, embedded/realtime programming.
  • Experience in computer vision.
  • Experience in secure coding is a big plus.
Electro-mechanical engineer
Wants to see it manufactured.
  • BSc/MSc in mechanical engineering (knowledge of electricalengineering a plus!).
  • At least two years of industry experience, in particular participation in complete product life-cycle from concept generation to product launch and manufacturing.
  • Experience with CAD tools such as SolidWorks, Solid Edge, etc.
  • Familiarity with various manufacturing processes and technologies.
  • Experience in writing specs for production, including acceptability and quality tests
  • Fluent English.
  • Must appreciate bodies do little without brains.
  • Experience in robot or drone design and prototyping, in electrical/electronics design for robots.
  • Knowledge of design analysis and simulation methodologies.
  • Experience with linear and revolving motion systems.
Embedded/IoT Developer/Engineer
Knows small is beautiful.
  • BS​c/MSc in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science.
  • C/C++ coding (micro-controller experience a plus!).
  • Real-time/embedded programming experience.
  • knowledge of a variety of communication protocols, IoT/embedded software and hardware platforms.
  • working knowledge of using Linux for embedded devices or robots.
  • Must understand security is not optional.
  • Writing specifications and QA tests for embedded products.
  • Experience with robots, ROS, or mobile IoT devices.
  • Cyber-security experience and knowledge is a big plus.
  • Knowledge of communications protocols (TL/RS232/RS485, I2C, IP/TCP, Wifi, bluetooth).